LEE KALT and Sean Sines - Tribeca

New Release by LEE KALT “TRIBECA”

lee kalt, sean sines, TribeccaTrack: Tribeca
Artist: Lee Kalt, Sean Sines, Featuring Tasha (2014)

Notoriously known far and wide for playing spectacular sets, house music DJ, LEE KALT, breaks his recent production silence with a record named “Tribeca”. KALT, who crafted the hits “Special K”, “Kiss & Fly” and “Never Lose Control” for ERICK MORILLO’s SUBLIMINAL RECORDS Label has now teamed up with UK native SEAN SINES. The KALT & SINES team is fusing deep house music with sexy uplifting vocals, having joined forces the duo delivers a slick new tune on NOUVEAU NIVEAU label.
LEE KALT and Sean Sines - Tribeca  

LEE KALT now on Sound Cloud and iTunes Podcast

LEE KALT now on Sound Cloud and iTunes Podcast

Thoroughly Tranquilized – LEE KALT The origins of chill out music can easily be traced back to the place of their inception at the Sa Trinxa Beach Club on the magical island of Ibiza where the godfather of chill out, DJ Jonathan, has been creating the vibe for over 20 years. His music and style greatly influenced LEE KALT since his first trip to Ibiza in 1998. This Sa Trinxa style delivers a cool mix of triply balearic downtempo house tracks mixed in with obscure re-workings of well-known rock hip hop, soul, RMB and even country songs you know delivered in a way you’ve never heard them. This uniquely interesting mix of tunes is usually played out as the sun sets creating a vibe like non other which we like to call the Sa Trinxa sound. THOROUGHLY TRANQUILIZED is a sunset styled set mixed together with all of this in mind.

Live From Ibiza – Night Mix – LEE KALT LEE KALT lays down a ground breaking new mix, pin pointing ever so directly where the middle lies of electronic dance music. Deep sexy sounds from the underground accompany vocals from the main stream.

Miami’s Top 10 Best Places To Eat & Drink in 2014

With a new Saturday night residency at E11EVEN nightclub, DJ LEE KALT shows us how to visit Miami and eat like a local.

We joined #TheFamily for the tastiest week long tour of Miami’s favorite meals. With a DJ who is also an outstanding Chef as our guide we experienced Miami’s best food and drinks.  From the hidden gems to the flashest hot spots we discovered the most honest food always comes from a humble place.




JUVIA – (view)

The food is outstanding and the view is second to none at this indoor / outdoor culinary masterpiece towering over Lincoln Road.
Hint: reserve early and request an outdoor table.

Address: 1111 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 763-8272 | website

juvia-1     juvia-3

juvia-4     juvia-5

juvia-7     juvia-8




Hands down with out a doubt the best breakfast in Miami, trust me.  See our official review on google here. click here
Hint: the Jonny Cakes are a must have!

Address: 1413 NW 54th St, Miami, FL 33142
Phone: (305) 693-5053 




NAOE – (sushi)

Chef Kevin Cory delivers nothing less then the 29 points that Zagat rates his sushi. Dining here is often referred to as a religious experience.  See his reviews here, they are nothing short of extrodinary .
Hint:  Reserve early, reservations can be harder to get than a Cuban visa.

Address: 661 Brickell Key Dr, Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (305) 947-6263 | website

naoe-1 naoe-2 naoe-3 naoe-4



ZUMA – (asian fusion)

Impressive, sophisticated, creative, trendy, sexy and most of all delicious Asian delicacies populate the menu here.
Hint: Miami Heat on the drink menu is our favorite cocktail drink in Miami.

Address: 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (305) 577-0277 | website

zuma-001zuma-2zuma-3zuma-002zuma-4zuma-1 _________________________________________________________________________

BLUE COLLAR – (comfort food)

Comfort food at this new Miami eatery is a force to be reckoned with. Well worth the time you will wait for your table.
Hint: Duck Egg McMuffin’, enough said.

Address: 6730 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138
Phone: (305) 756-0366 | website


blue-collar-1blue-collar-3 blue-collar-2blue-collar-5




Aside from being the unofficial heart of Miami’s Wynwood Art District, Panther serves up the finest coffee in Miami. Roasted on premises, they make “cold brew” which is much stronger than coffee brewed hot.
Hint: order a Cortado or a Cortadito (cuban coffee), that’s what real Miami locals drink.

Address: 2390 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127
Phone: (305) 677-3952 | website

panther-4 panther-3panther-2panther-1




LA SANDWICHERIE – (sandwich, 24 hr)

A Miami Beach institution for 25 years, the best late-night bite to eat on the beach, and they deliver.
Hint: none of their sandwiches are complete without being completley drenched in their famous dressing, order extra.

Address: 229 14th St Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 532-8934 | website




JOE’S STONE CRAB – (quintessential miami)

Open since 1913, Joe’s serves up local stone crab claws, chilled  & cracked with lime and their famous mustard sauce.  By the way, Stone Crab Claws are removed from only living crabs which are returned to the water to re-generate their claws.
Hint: Fired Lobster, Chilled Killer King Crab Legs, Fried Green Tomato’s, Joe’s Famous Coleslaw.

Address: 11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 673-0365 | website

joes-1 joes-001joes-4joes-3joes-5joes-2



SCARPETTA – (itallian)

If you love Italian food you will be pleasantly surprised with the new stratosphere of Italian cuisine Chef Scott Conant has created at Scarpetta.
Hint: Truffles, Truffles, Truffles!

Address: 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Phone: (305) 674-4660 | website

scarpetta-1 scarpetta-2 scarpetta-6scarpetta-3 scarpetta-4FB-2




CHOCIES CAFÉ – (healthy, vegan, organic)

If you are looking to detox or just want a healthy meal, Choices offers the best organic menu in Miami where everything you eat is good for your body.
Hint: take home their cleansing juices.

Address: 379 SW 15th Rd, Miami, FL 33129
Phone:(305) 400-8895 | website

chocies-cafe-2 chocies-cafe-3chocies-cafe-5chocies-cafe-7 chocies-cafe-8chocies-cafe-10




#TheHiltons Join #TheFamily at E11EVEN Miami

Paris Hilton birthday








BARRON HILTON drops by Miami’s newest super club E11EVEN to hang with long time friends and DJs, MALINDA CARLTON & LEE KALT who were performing at E11EVEN Saturday night. Although it would not have been a party had Barron not had sister PARIS HILTON in tow celebrating her 33rd Birthday. #TheHiltons & #TheFamily smashed it out till the wee hours holding court ringside at a table in front of the DJ booth.

KALT who provided the music for Paris’s 30th Birthday at the V-MODA Fortress in the Hollywood Hills has been appearing at E11EVEN on Saturdays with #TheFamily.

Paris Hilton celebrated her 33rd birthday at LIV and E11even Miami, where she and her crew spent Saturday night into Sunday. Also at the adult entertainment venue: model Paulina Gretzky and fiancé, golfer Dustin Johnson. On Saturday night, Johnson and Gretzky were seen dancing the night away at SL.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/02/24/3957438/punk-star-marky-ramone-rocks-this.html#storylink=cpy

The Most Anticipated Performance Of WMC & ULTRA 2014

Deep Dish reunion


Some said it would never happen, however our predictions were correct as we stated in a past article from November 2011 Will DEEP DISH REUNITE? The Grammy Award winning Dynamic Dance Duo DEEP DISH will appear together for the first time since 2007 reunited as DEEP DISH once again. After going their separate ways, DUBFIRE and SHARAM have stepped up to the plate to do what so many EDM artists fail short of doing by this point in their careers, GIVING THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT.  This will be our 14th WMC, and over the years we have seen the likes of some pretty legendary artists creating those memorial magic moments which, keeping you coming back to the club for more. From DANNY TENAGLIA’S sets at SPACE to ERICK MORILLO’S sets at ULTRA, nothing over the past 14 years has ever made me feel quite like the vibe you get when you see DUBFIRE and SHARAM in the DJ Booth together. The DATE and LOCATION are SET and we will be there. This is will be the most anticipated performance of WMC & ULTRA.

Pete Tong Declares DEEP DISH’s Newest Production QUINCY “ESSECIAL” on BBC’s Radio 1  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHrOE2tzZIo

YouTube Preview Image

The Count Down Is On  http://www.deepdish.com/
Purchase Tickets $ $ $ http://icepalace.wantickets.com/Events/148979/SATURDAY-AT-ICE-PALACE/ 


LEE KALT Live From The Electric Pickle

49 LEE KALT Live At Electric Pickle


The ELECTRIC PICKLE, Miami’s most notorious underground dance club, nestled in the heart of Wynnwood, Miami’s Art District has attracted the likes of HMTV #TheFamily, it’s fans and members: Malinda Carlton, Tori Hendrickson, Molly O’Connel (Americas Next Top Model), Hanna Blanchette, Carlemi Dominguez, Kirsten Garry and LEE KALT have turned up at The Electric Pickle for several parties this season including Christmas Eve.  The vibe and music set fourth by #TheFAMILY’s founding father LEE KALT have been nothing short of spectacular.  Click here to download LEE KALT live @ The ELECTRIC PICKLE



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